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Virtual Climate Parties

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What Are Virtual Climate Parties?

Virtual Climate Parties are social and strategic events; live video chats designed to further our movement of community and climate activism. Our ultimate aim to create a large number of such groups, and mobilize them to transform our society to one of kindness and cooperation, replacing the current disastrous society of competition, greed, and soulless cruelty.

How Do I Attend? And When?

These events are held using an open-source video chat platform called Jitsi. It’s like Zoom, except it doesn’t spy on you and sell your personal information. You can attend by just clicking a link at the time of the event. Details of upcoming events—when available—are on the top of this page.

Can I Start My Own Group and VCP?

Yes! We encourage you to do so, and we would love to help you. We plan to create a guide for creating and managing your own EarthRebirth group and holding VCPs with them. But first, we recommend attending one or more VCPs with the original group to learn directly from our experience. Perhaps you can improve on what we are doing!