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In addition to EarthRebirth Team, you may want to explore and/or get involved with other climate activist groups. Here are some that caught our interest. If you have additional groups to recommend, please do so via our Contact page.

Declare Emergency webpage

Declare Emergency

This non-violent activist group declares: “Disciplined, protracted nonviolent civil disobedience can create system-level change.” They seek activists to physically disrupt business as usual. They call out the failure of existing leaders and systems.

This group isn’t waiting for change. It seeks to force change. This is a truly ACTIVE group. You can see their calendar for upcoming actions. Please check out their website to see if they are a group you’d like to join.

Declare Emergency webpage

Environmental Defense Fund

With more than 3 millions members and operating in more than 30 countries, this group—founded by scientists and lawyers—has been fighting for our Earth since 1967. The founders of the Environmental Defense Fund successfully got DDT, the deadly chemical pesticide, banned. The group continues to work hard for the climate and other environmental issues.

Declare Emergency webpage

Extinction Rebellion

This iconic activist group operates on nearly six continents to disrupt fossil fuel doom and rescue our climate. They will help you to fulfull your moral obligation to rebel and offers the opportunity to get involved.

XR seeks a people-empowered worldwide force, saying: “Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.” Learn more on their website.

Declare Emergency webpage

Fridays For Future

Founded by Greta Thunberg, Fridays For Future is the original children’s crusade. Fighting for their own future with a variety of tactics, millions participate worldwide in regular school strikes. Children skip school on Fridays in protest of the failed adult “leaders” who are dooming their own children.

What’s the point of school? To live in a post-apocalyptic world of devastating and ever-worsening wildfires, droughts, floods, killer storms, shortages and worse. Serious action to protect the climate must be taken NOW. Learn more at their website.

Declare Emergency webpage

Global Witness

This group is approaching three decades of activity in support of the Earth and justice. Working to hold corporate climate criminals accountable, to ending oil, and to protecting our common planetary home. Global Witness performs research, and attempts to force authorities and powerful corporations to take responsibility for what they do.

Their blog reports on the findings of their many investigations and is a unique resource for rarely-noticed yet critical developments. Please see their website to learn more.

Declare Emergency webpage


A true “friend of the Earth,” Greenpeace has been fighting for our planet since 1971. Working not only to stop global warming, but also to fight other enviromental threats and to demand environmental justice, Greenpeace takes it to the streets and to the courts.

You can learn more about Greenpeace’s often impresive and effective actions on their website. Better yet, you can join with them to take action!

Declare Emergency webpage

Just Stop Oil

Typically vilified in the media, this disruptive group must be doing something right. An important part of the resistance to climate doom, they have stepped up action in recent years. Sadly, the “news” (sic) focuses on their harmless protests in museums that have never damaged any artwork.

This group seeks to put the spotlight on the fossil fuel corporations who are committing ecocide. Check out their website and consider getting involved with them.

Declare Emergency webpage


This not a non-profit group, but a consultancy. Nontheless, it is worth keeping an eye on. With an environmental focus, SkyWaterEarth aims to help organizations be better citizens of the world and get their messages out more effectively. Hobart Stocking offers interesting and compelling ideas about delivering Earth-friendly messages in a way that motivates action. This is an issue that should concern all of us.

Declare Emergency webpage

The Sunrise Movement

A group run mostly by idealist youth, including children, The Sunrise Movement seeks to work through the system for force serious climate change. They lobby for the Green New Deal and other measures to protect the Earth for future generations. Given their ages, they a strong personal stake in the outcome.

Their website give a lot more information about the group, including its past actions. They also encourage you to join one of its “hubs” and take part in future actions.

Th!rd Act

Th!rd Act is a group, created by Bill McKibben, and is targeted to seniors 60+. It seems to be focused on stopping big banks from financing climate destruction. The tactics and principles of this group neatly overlaps or complements what EarthRebirth Team does. We are, of course, broader in scope. But McKibben is smart and experienced and I expect this group to be an important one contributing to ending fossil fuels and protecting our children and our planet.


WeBeGreen is a hub aimed at coordinating environmental and climate groups with the intent of making them more effective. We have a dedicated post about them on our blog.

WeBeGreen is open to anyone who care about the environment or climate and wants to do something about it. It’s not just for hardcore activists. This group can help you find worthwhile activities that suits your temperament and priorities.