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Landmark Protests

Initially, while our numbers are small, we like the idea of Landmark protests. These are multiple protests of one or two people each, mostly in front of local or even international landmarks (think of the Eiffel Tower) with a common climate message delivered in a similar way. There would also be short videos and social media posts using a designated hashtag. This is a way to achieve maximum visibility and impact with just a few people. These Landmark protests would be primarily aimed at recruiting—growing our numbers.

Virtual Climate Parties

We hold online video chats which are both social and strategy sessions. This is a big part of building communities and finding ways to build our movement, and to—ultimately—get effective climate action. You may want to sign up for our email list using the Join link in our menu to get informed of upcoming VCPs.


The resistance within the old Soviet Union hand-produced brief publications—written on typewriters and reproduced using carbon paper—called samizdat. These hand-distributed and shared booklets spread philosophical and tactical ideas ultimately used to uproot an evil system. We can use the same techniques for different reasons—because physical publications in the physical world can stand out and have a special impact in our world dominated by digital messaging. Samizdat is more real, more personal, in part because it requires more effort and is harder to come by. These publications can be distributed as downloadable files available online, or printed publication at the counter of alternative bookstores, or wherever.


Most of our actions should promote their own replication. Virtual climate parties should provide information on how to invite others, or even how to start your own group and hold your own VCPs. Landmark protests should invite others to future events, and provide info on how to hold your own Landmark protests. Similarly, samizdat should promote copying and sharing…as well as publishing and distributing new, fresh and original samizdat.

We are in the growth phase of our movement, and won’t have significant cultural or environmental impact until we have grown to a substantial size. After that, we will do whatever is needed to stabilize the biosphere and to establish community and kindness as the basis of society going forward.