Earth • Community • Action


We are a group of humanitarian climate activists. We are mostly newbies, but we are determined to create an unstoppable force for change. We firmly believe we can do this.

Why and how?

Why This Can Be Done

You are busy with your day-to-day life, but not so distracted that you can’t see what’s happening. You see people are divided and angry, that the Earth’s climate is becoming increasingly hostile, and that leaders everywhere are failing catastrophically to do anything about these multiple crises.

You feel alone and helpless and fearful. You feel alone, but you aren’t alone. There are literally more than a billion people who feel exactly the same way. But we are isolated and busy and we don’t know what to do. We are still hoping to have some influence with our leaders—locally, nationally, internationally. We look at our children and worry what will become of them.

We can save the world because there are so many of us. There is already a latent movement, albeit confused and undirected, with huge numbers and great passion. We have more than enough of both to overcome the apathy and foolishness that has characterized the response to our multiple crises up to now. The potential is there. It’s been waiting.

The wait is over. We are beginning to provide the direction, and to awaken that hidden potential. The latent movement is about to emerge.

How We Will Do This

The greatest untapped force in the world is our own humanity and our capacity for love. While we bicker over what divides us, the way to overcome this is by building communities of people who see each other as allies, living on the same planet and sharing a common fate. That is what we must do. Together.

You care. You want to do something. Even if you don’t have much time, you care enough to do what you can. So do others. Billions of other. We need to find the others. Give them a place to go, where they can work with people like themselves, and yet uniquely different.

We will find these others. You are one of them. You will send people who you know and who care to our group. We will tap everyone’s unique abilities. Ultimately, to save the climate, we will put scientists in charge of restoring the health of the Earth. We will help them to succeed in their efforts. Young people, those who stand to inherit the mess our failed leadership and systems have created, will have a special role and position of respect in these efforts. But everyone who is willing to help is welcomed.

Why YOU Should Join. Now.

If all goes well, someday you will talk with your grandchildren, or at least children of generations not yet born. They will want to know—what did you do to end the destruction of the climate of the Earth? What did you do to end the climate of greed and selfishness and cruelty? What did you do to make today’s better—albeit imperfect—world.

That will be the time to say: I stood up and spoke out at the start. When I found out there was a movement to change things, I joined. I did what I could. I was busy with day-to-day responsibilities, so I wasn’t able to do all that I would have liked. But I did my part.

You will want to be able to say that, won’t you? You don’t want to say…well, I wasn’t sure so I just kept my head down and kept on doing what I was doing. I waited and hoped others would do something.

C’mon. This should be a no-brainer. Attend a Virtual Climate Party. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t come back. If it works, keep coming when you can. If you like the idea but not the execution, start your own Virtual Climate Party. We’ll help you! Take the first step. Look at the schedule and access information. Try us out.