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Two people standing in front of each other holding a globe

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

Dedicated to Humanity & The Earth

Join us and change the world.

Have you been frustrated, worried and confused about what to do in a world seemingly gone mad? We’ve figured out what to do: band together, build communities, grow our numbers, take care of each other and save the planet.

We aren’t kidding. We can do this! We have already begun.

Art by Deepti Kannapan

The EarthRebirth Team is a group of people with shared values: we value human beings and the Earth and all who inhabit it. We see that people and the planet are being trashed, and that the dominant systems, leaders and culture has catastrophically failed. We promote kindness, not greed. We promote community, not selfishness. We intend to end the destruction and build a world that upholds our values. We invite you to join us.


Other Websites

Explore these other sites. 5 Minutes to Save the Earth is a podcast of inspiring and practical advice to bring about the change we need. A Climate Declaration is a statement of principles and a framework for action.